Health Safety & Environment (HSE) Policy for American Airsea Cargo

American Airsea Cargo’s principal policy is that safety shall have the highest priority in planning and execution of our work. We shall carry out all our work in such a manner that we provide healthy and safe working practices. We also aim to avoid risk of injury to anyone, damage to equipment and pollution of environment due to our activities.


•    Safety first. No task is so important, nor so urgent, for safety needs to be side- lined
•    Our commitment to a safe workplace without injuries, illnesses and incidents
•    Company HSE standards that comply with applicable laws and legislation
•    Promoting Health, Safety & Environment awareness
•    Management’s responsibility to inform, educate and motivate their staff to understand and comply with this policy and applicable legislation
•    Employees practicing safe working habits and to protect themselves and their colleagues
•    Provide clear instructions, information and adequate training to ensure employees are competent to do their work.
•    Implement emergency procedures including evacuation in-case of fire or other significant incidents.  
•    Provide personal protective equipment.
•    Maintain Safe working conditions.
•    Review and reverse this policies regularly.

All employees, consultants contractors are required to comply with this and related policies, laws, and regulations.
Bisola Esan
American Airsea Cargo
Issue Date: 20/008/2015 

American Airsea Cargo MANAGEMENT Policy

Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment and Security (CASHES) Policy Statement.
American Airsea Cargo staff shall
•    Identify with the needs and aspirations of our clients / host communities and maintain cordial relations with them, with emphasis peaceful dialogue and conflict.
•    liaise with clients, host community and relevant government departments and others to ensure safe and peaceful working environment.
•    The company’s HMO shall handle medical and/or emergency.
•    Records of medications administered or injuries must be kept at site and base.
•    Insurance shall be undertaken against any liability that may result in case of personnel suffering occupational disease or any impairment to health resulting from the job.
•    In carrying out our operations, we shall plan / execute operations in such a manner as to eliminate adverse effects or impacts on the health and safety of all staff.
•    Comply with regulation/legislation on environmental issue as regulated by government of Nigeria. 
•    The Company shall be responsible for the security of all personnel, client representatives and third parties in all our operational sites and premises.
Bisola Esan 
 CEO American Airsea Cargo.
11 Ajibade Oke, Ajao Estate.





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