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Why ShipToNaija?

Our key promise to you is simple. Anything happens to your items, we compensate you 100% for:

  • Total cost of your items
  • Total shipping cost for your items

So relax drop of your shipment and we do the rest, with our focus on speed, technology and integrity to redefine shipping standards to Nigeria.

ShipToNaija offers you huge savings compared to other shippers in USA and you save 60% on shipping cost using our Air or Ocean service to Nigeria.

  • Save on minimum shipping charges when we combine all items and ship in one package.
  • On top of this, we pass our over 60% discount from DHL/Partner airlines direct to you.

We remain committed to getting your goods to Nigeria intact. So whether you are shipping a letter or a full container, relax as you are covered with our 100% money-back delivery guarantee.

We want to hear from you and offer so many options for you to reach us. You can also call us to know your shipping cost if you are certain of the weight and dimension of your package if not sure we can provide you an estimate.

  • Email support at 24/7 and we will respond within 6 hours on the average.
  • Call us at 888-SHIP-9JA (+1 888 7447 952) from 9am to 9pm US central time.
  • You can also chat live with us online.

Since 2009, our parent company Shoptomydoor has delivered well over 2 million items to over 100,000 customers in Nigeria, and building on this strength, we remain committed to getting your goods to Nigeria intact. So whether you are shipping a letter or a full container we will deliver your goods safe via Air or Ocean.

Value Added Services

How it Works

Get Free Life Time Account and Get Started in Less Than 30 Seconds

  • Register online to get your assigned warehouse address.
  • Verify your phone number using the code sent to you via SMS.
  • Update your delivery address, where all items will be delivered to in Nigeria
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  • Drop-off in 5 minutes at our Houston office.
  • You can send us your package through a local courier
  • Request a pick from store of purchase.
  • We will alert you once item is updated in your warehouse/processed for shipping.

  • Make payment for shipping in Houston or Nigeria.
  • We ship out and deliver to its destination in Nigeria in few days.

Get Shipping Cost

We have two options to enable you determine your shipping cost. 

(1) If you know the weight and dimensions of your item, simply enter it  in the first  module to get an accurate shipping cost.

(2) Our item quote tool below will enable you to select commonly shipped items to see estimated shipping costs. 

Enter the weight and dimensions (Length, width and height) of your item in the tool below to get a 100% accurate shipping cost. 


Get Shipping Quote

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Use this tool to get the shipping cost if you don't know the dimensions and weight of your item. All costs here are valid and should you be billed a different shipping cost for an item, email us and it will be corrected.

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Air Shipping


Air Freight offers professional Air Freight shipping from USA to Nigeria. With us it does not matter if you are shipping a small parcel or a full container load. Your cargo is delivered safely and in a timely fashion. Our transit time via Air Freight is:
  • Express Delivery: Takes 3 – 4 days
  • Standard Delivery: Takes 6 – 11 business days

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Ocean Shipping

Not everyone wants to ship a whole container load, so we have LCL – Less than Container Load to assist you with smaller amounts of freight.Ship almost anything big or small, from cartons to boxes, pallets and cases.

  • Our LCL – Less than Container Load shiping option saves you up to 60% on shipping cost when compared to other major shippers.
  • We have solutions for whatever you are looking to ship to Nigeria and you get same care and protection as a full container load.

We offer Ocean Freight to Nigeria requiring FCL (Full container loads). We offer great Nigeria shipping rates and discounts for 20 ft. and 40 ft. containers from US ports to Nigeria. 

  • If you have 10 pallets or more, FCL freight is likely to be a better solution.
  • Goods like boat, pipes and heavy machinery that are too big for a container will require our break bulk service with our expert team.
  • As with most options you have: Door to door; Door to port; Port to port; Port to door

When it comes to auto shipping, there are several reasons that you may wish to consider RORO instead of shipping your car, truck, or other vehicle in a container.

  • RORO is the simplest and cheapest method of shipping cars to Nigeria, power bikes, and other heavy duty vehicles.
  • ShipToNaija offers professional handling of cargoes that can be wheeled on and off containers.



We have shipped cars, power bikes and trucks to hundreds of our satisfied Nigerian customers through our parent company. Shoptomydoor and several of our customers realize that we are one of the leading freight forwarders. ShipToNaija saves you time and money by quickly shipping cars to Nigeria from anywhere in USA

Our service includes clearing at the port and delivery to your final destination.


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