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If you are looking for the best shipping company either in USA or Nigeria, then ShipToNaija is your best option. Shipping from USA to Nigeria with ShiptoNaija, is easy, straightforward and very affordable. Here’s the fastest way to get your items from USA to Nigeria using either our Air Shipping and/or Ocean Shipping. We got both options to suite your various needs from the smallest item like an envelope to a big item like TV, equipment and others.

If you need to speak to someone about your location call us on 888 SHIP 9JA (+1 888 7447 952) or send us an email: contact@shiptonaija.com.

How can you ship my item when am not in Houston or Atlanta?

  • Visit www.shiptonaija.com and click on Join Now to get an assigned Mailbox with a unit number

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  • Once your account is approved. Login to your account and click on my warehouse to view various assigned warehouse address indicating your Unit number.
  • Proceed to the nearest post office to mail the package to the warehouse. Ensure your unit number is attached to address to avoid delays in updating your item when received. Click on HOW TO USE MY ADDRESS to view this.
  • For pickup outside Houston and Atlanta, simply email contact@shiptonaija.com with the item Name and phone number, Quantity of the Box, Dimensions and Weight, location of pickup, total value of the items. This will be reviewed and the cost for pickup will be communicated to you. The FedEx pickup label will be provided to print and place on the box. FedEx would then have the package picked up and deliver to the warehouse address on the pickup label.
  • Your item is updated within 24 working hours and you get a notification via email.
  • You proceed to make payment using your preferred shipping method. Receive your items at your doorstep or pickup within few days.


Air Shipping to Nigeria

Providing you a fast delivery is our ultimate goal, so we work with major carriers and push a huge discount to you, saving you up to 60% on shipping cost.


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Transit time via Air Shipping

Our air shipping service takes xxxxxxx from your location to our Houston warehouse and 4 days to ship to Nigeria from Houston.



 Our warehouse team is trained to ensure your goods are properly packaged,

crated if necessary and labelled for a guaranteed delivery.


Ocean Shipping to Nigeria

With our ocean shipping service you are sure that your items will be delivered from anywhere you are in the USA, 

at the right time, in good condition and at a very affordable price.

Yes, ShipToNaija understands that not everyone wants to ship a whole container load, so we have:


LCL – Less than Container Load

to assist you with smaller amounts of items.

You can ship almost anything big or small, from cartons to boxes, pallets and cases.

  • Our LCL – Less than Container Load shipping option saves you up to 60% on shipping cost when compared to other major shippers.
  • We have solutions for whatever you are looking to ship to Nigeria and you get same care and protection as a full container load.

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FCL – Full Container Load

 We offer Ocean Freight to Nigeria requiring FCL (Full container loads).

We offer great Nigeria shipping rates and discounts for 20 ft. and 40 ft. containers to Nigeria.


Your Goods Are Cleared in 5 Days

We are licensed to clear your goods, so you have nothing to worry about, no stories and no delays,

your one-time charge takes care of your delivery.




Question: Do you Ship from other locations in the US?
Answer: Yes, we can definitely help with your shipping needs from anywhere you are. 
We work with Fedex to deliver goods from our customers in various cities in the US and we ship to Nigeria. 
Question: Where in USA can I drop off?
Answer: You can drop of in our Houston or Atlanta office or warehouse if you reside in Houston or Atlanta, for other locations you can drop off at the nearest FedEx office near you or request for a pickup and we deliver to Nigeria.
Question: What if I prefer to go drop off in Bissonet or Atlanta office?
Answer: Fedex drop off locations are designed to save you stress and cost of travelling from other cities to Houston. Visit https://www.fedex.com/locate/ to view the nearest FedEx location.
Question: How much will you ship from US to Nigeria?
Answer: You pay 40% less what major carriers will charge you. Note that your shipping cost will be determined using the weight and dimensions of your package. If you are certain the weight and dimensions of your package, click here to get an estimated cost. Otherwise call 888 SHIP 9JA (+1 888 7447 952).
Question: What are your payment methods?
Answer: You can make payment using your credit/debit card, POS or Cash at the office. 
Question: How long will it take for my items to be delivered in Nigeria?
Answer: It will take 4 working days to Nigeria via Air. Depending on your shipping method.
Question: Do you ship via ocean?
Answer: Yes we do. Our transit time from 6 - 8 weeks from when the ship leaves the US and we ship out every week to Nigeria.
Question: Do I need to pay for clearing my goods when they arrive Nigeria?
Answer: No, you don’t. We give a one-time bill that covers shipping and clearing. You have nothing to worry about, there will be no stories or delays to generate extra cost as it is with many others you might have experienced. 
Question: How often do you ship out?
Answer: We ship out every week via air and ocean.
Question: Do you deliver to all locations in Nigeria?
Answer: Certainly, our 100% guaranteed delivery is reliable as we ensure we cover every region in Nigeria.

Question: How do I know the shipping cost of my item after dropping my package.
Answer: You would be notified as soon your items arrive our Houston office although you can always make use of our GET A QUOTE option to have an idea of your shipping cost. Click here
Question: How do I select my shipping method after I have been notified the shipment has arrived your Houston warehouse?
Answer: This can be done by selecting your preferred shipping meth-od from the shipment in your mailbox.
Question: What happens to an item that happens that needs to be crated before shipping?
Answer: This would be done on your behalf before shipping out and charges for crating added to your shipping cost.
Question: Are there restrictions on the number of items that I can drop off at Fedex location?
Answer:  No, you can drop of a minimum of one and as any packages as you want to.


How to track for a shipment?

  • Click www.shiptonaija.com and login to your warehouse.
  • Make use of the Order/Tracking ID on the invoice to track for update in the space provided as TRACK SHIPMENT.
  • Do you ship from Nigeria, tips to know about export service
  • Dropoff at any of our Lagos office.
  • Two shipping methods: Express (3-5) and Standard (10-14)
  • Food items cannot be shipped via Express shipping option
  • We ship out once in two weeks, and the transit time from the ship out date is 10-14 business days (Standard)
  • We can ship as much as 100kg via express.




Click here to get your free mailbox.

For more information call 888-SHIP-9JA (+1 888-7447-952)

or send us an email via contact@shiptonaija.com