Shipping From Nigeria To USA

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

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Living in the USA and want to ship small or bulky goods from Nigeria to the USA? Still contemplating on how to import those rich African foodstuffs from Nigeria?  This post is for you, make sure you follow through to the end so you don’t miss out.
With large number of Nigerians and other Africans in diaspora living in the United State of America who still wants a feel of products from ‘home’ and getting it in USA is almost impossible due to scarcity of products or the availability at cut-throat price. ShipToNaija is all you need to have your needs met, be it business or personal. We are into international shipping and can help you ship your goods from Nigeria to USA.
Shipping from Nigeria to USA can be achieved in a fast, cheap and timely manner. We are international freight forwarders with many years of experience and with our team of experts; you can import products from Nigeria to USA and send goods to Nigeria from anywhere in USA with peace of mind while exploring the ShipToNaija advantage.
We assure you stress-free services and make sure you do not encounter any form of hassles while importing from Nigeria to the USA

International shipping is not easy. As one navigates through the process, mistakes are bound to happen.  Common challenges faced by importers include:
1. Improper Packaging:  This often occurs when the shipper does not use proper packaging materials thereby leading to an impact on the shipment while in transit, this impact could be damage and/or theft of the shipment.

ShiptoNaija Advantage:
We understand that proper packaging is necessary for products in order to withstand the temperature, handling and other vagaries in the shipping process. So we ensure that;

  • All items dropped off at our Lagos office are always properly packaged with the right materials and box sizes to avoid damages. 
  • Our warehouse team is highly skilled in the packaging of items for import from Nigeria which ensures that your products reaches you in perfect condition
  • We place instructions regarding how shipments are to be handled to avoid damages, spillage etc. For instance, fragile stickers are placed on shipments containing fragile items.
  • If the cargo being shipped is fragile cargo like ceramics, glass, porcelain, artworks or other easily breakable stuff, we make sure the cartons have some protective packaging like packing peanuts (the bio-degradable variety please) or dunnage airbags which helps protect items inside the standard-size corrugated shipping containers.
  • If we are shipping any machinery or equipment that cannot be palletized, we also make sure that the machinery has suitable hooking and lifting points.
  • In general, we do everything to ensure the safety of all items that we are shipping from Nigeria to USA

2. Logistics and Customs Clearance: The rules, regulations and laws as to Customs sometimes differ. In the event of a problem with customs clearance, it could lead to an adverse effect in business as the delay caused by customs clearance problems would mean that it would take longer for the good to get to get to their destination. In addition to the delay in getting the goods, one would most likely have to pay an additional sum of money for the good to be released. That is where shiptonaija comes in.

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

ShiptoNaija Advantage

  • With many years of expertise, we now have on ground clearing agents that helps ensure that shipments are duly cleared within 2 days of arrival at the ports for air freights from Nigeria and within 5 to 7 business days for ocean shipping from Nigeria to USA
  • Be rest assured that with our experienced and trusted clearing personnel, the usually tedious clearing process will be a walk in the park, be it air shipping or ocean shipping from Nigeria to USA                                              

3.Shipment delays: Delay is one major challenge customers face with many shippers. These delays be could be as a result of dealing with unreliable shipping companies in Nigeria or as a result of unforeseen circumstances like airline backlogs, delays as result of festive periods or transshipments.

ShiptoNaija Advantage:                                             

  • With in-depth understanding of how frustrating this can be, we came up with options to suit your needs. We are in partnership with airlines that offers expedited delivery. Hence, our air priority transit time allows you receive items in 3 to 5 business days
  • While for ocean freight from Nigeria takes we also work with a reliable shipping line to ensure that your shipments does not exceed 8 weeks in transit to USA. You can never experience delays as you do with other shipping companies in Nigeria

4. Door to Door Delivery:  Many importers complain of the inability of other shipping companies in Nigeria to deliver to their doorstep, they get called each time to pick up their consignments from the airport which is often times a stressful experience

ShiptoNaija Advantage:    

  • When you ship with a reliable international freight forwarding company as Shiptonaija, you wouldn’t be among the importers who constantly complain of being called to handle their shipment delivery from the ports. We would not only ship your goods, we would additionally clear them for you and deliver to your doorstep anywhere in the United States.

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

5. Inability to track shipment: Many businesses often complain of being unable to track their parcels. At any point in time, they are totally unable to tell the progress of their consignment.

ShiptoNaija Advantage            

  • We understand perfectly that every customer wants to be in control of their shipment, hence we worked based on feedback and provided a high class up to date tracking system. This way, we keep you updated with the progress of your ocean and air freight from Nigeria every bit of the way till it arrives its final destination. You can also track your shipments on our website or by making use of your Shiptonaija app which is available on android and iOS devices.

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

6. High Shipping Cost: If you come across other shipping companies in Nigeria, you would realize that the cost of shipping from Nigeria is outrageously high. 

ShiptoNaija Advantage

  • At Shiptonaija we offer you the cheapest international shipping service that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • You can ship for as low as $30 from Nigeria to the United States, a rate and service that you cannot find with any other shipping company in Nigeria

With ShipToNaija, you can save up to 70% of your shipping cost. We offer the cheapest international shipping cost as low as $10 depending on the type of goods and method of shipping, while rendering excellent service to her customers. 
We are reliable, we keep to our words. Unlike some shipping companies in Nigeria, ShipToNaija offers fast, cheap and reliable ocean and air shipping from Nigeria to USA to her customers. We deliver your consignments within 3 business days via air freight from Nigeria to USA.
Our services include:

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

1. AIR SHIPPING: This is the fastest means of shipping from Nigeria to the USA. We have available two options for air delivery just so as to meet your needs;

  • Air priority: You are guaranteed delivery in 3 to 5 business days to anywhere in the U.S
  • Air Standard:  Shipping from Nigeria to the US through this option, you get to have your air freight from Nigeria delivered within 7 to 11 business days anywhere in the USA

2.  OCEAN SHIPPING: Ocean cargo shipping from Nigeria to US via this method is significantly different. If you intend to import bulky items, you can opt for a full container which can either be 20ft or 40ft. Shiptonaija offers cheap ocean shipping from Nigeria to USA when compared to other shipping companies in Nigeria.

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

3. CUSTOMS CLEARING: We handle the tedious process of clearing at the ports both seaports and airport and ensure you have a seamless experience importing products from Nigeria to USA.

4. COMMERCIAL AND PERSONAL CARGO SHIPPING: Our shipping services covers at both individual and business levels. So, regardless of if you are importing for home/office use or business (reselling in USA), we have got you covered with our consolidation service. Our warehouse provides excellent opportunity for you to conveniently load all items into your container securely to ensure seamless cargo shipping from Nigeria to USA.

5.DOOR TO DOOR DELIVERY:  We offer door to door delivery to any state in the U.S. You can also pick up from our local store in Houston or Atlanta.

6. UPTODATE TRACKING SYSTEM: Also, you need not worry about tracking your shipments. We have incorporated technology to our shipping process from Nigeria. We give you updates on your shipment right from when it is received in our warehouse till the point you receive it at your destination. Also, we have made available an 18hour live support system that enables you to talk to a human being whenever you have inquiries or feel the need to. These we did to ensure you have a seamless experience shipping from Nigeria. At Shiptonaija, we make it easy and stress free for our customers to reduce logistics expenses and eliminate the dreaded shipping tasks unlike many other shipping companies in Nigeria.

7. CONSOLIDATION AND LOW SHIPPING COST: You can be sure to enjoy affordable shipping rates with our consolidation service. Our rates are competitive and unbeatable amongst major shipping companies in Nigeria.

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

100% Money Back Guarantee if anything happens to your shipment. 
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Shiptonaija is a reputable freight forwarding company, well experienced in the shipping industry with over 5 years of providing successful shipping services to its customers. We guarantee to move your shipments from Nigeria to the US in the most cost-effective method, smoothing the passage through the myriad of processes and regulations required by customs, be it air shipping or sea shipping from Nigeria to U.S
As a result of our valuable knowledge and experience in the shipping industry, you are assured that we will apply our expertise in handling your shipments. There are many advantages for businesses that use Shiptonaija for the air or sea shipping of their merchandise from Nigeria to USA. Some of the most significant benefits are: 

  • Shipping - By understanding your requirements and identifying the best transport option to move your shipment in the required timeframe and at a competitive price, thereby saving you both time and money. Also, you need not worry about tracking your shipments as we will notify you as soon as your air freight or ocean freight from Nigeria has shipped and arrives.
  • Customs clearance – We can complete customs paperwork and other processes on your behalf, as well as offer the facility to pay any taxes or duties owed to customs on your behalf, whether ocean shipping or air freights from Nigeria to US you can relax as we would deliver.
  • Insurance – We also provide insurance services to insure your shipments both ocean and air freights from Nigeria to U.S against rare cases of loss or damage.
  • Other shipping documentation – We can process other shipping documentation on your behalf such as Bills of Lading, Certificates of Origin, Letters of credit or any documents required for either air or sea shipping from Nigeria to USA.
  • Storage – With secure warehouses in strategic locations in both Nigeria and the US, you can be rest assured that your goods will be properly stored to ensure that they are kept safe and subsequently handed over to you in perfect condition.

At Shiptonaija, we make it easy and stress free for our customers to reduce logistics expenses and eliminate the dreaded shipping tasks unlike many other shipping companies in Nigeria.
With our state-of-the-art online tools and platforms, you can have online visibility until your shipment is delivered to you. Shiptonaija provides access to multiple shipping options for your ocean and air shipments. You will be able to filter these options and optimize your logistics expenses based on your pricing, routing or transit time needs, shipping from Nigeria to USA

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

A satisfied customer

Benefits Of Using Shiptonaija To Ship From Nigeria To United States

Shipping From Nigeria To USA


100% Delivery or Money-Back Guaranteed

This is one of the best policies you can get from any shipper, and at ShipToNaija we will not only ensure you get a full refund if anything happens to shipment but compensate you with the shipping cost and cost of the item as declared in your invoice.

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

Responsive Customer Service

With us, you get to make inquiries anytime from Monday through Saturday. Stop by at our offices in Lagos or Houston or call us on phone, you can also’ send us an email and all inquiries will be responded to within 24 working hours.

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

Great Rates Shipping From Nigeria to the U.S

At ShipToNaija you save 70% on shipping cost. Compare our rates to major shipping companies like DHL, UPS, and FedEx. We also save you the stress that comes with using other shippers without a physical location and customer service which makes you pay more from delays and endless stories.

Shipping From Nigeria To USA


24/7 Tracking and Regular Update on Shipment

We make shipping as good as taking it there yourself. You can track your shipment any day to know where your item is. We will notify you via SMS and email at every point your shipment is in transit till it is delivered to you safely. So you can have rest of mind.

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

Drop Off

We have an easy to access office location with good ambiance where you can drop off your valued items in Lagos for onward international shipping

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

Five Star Rated

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Our customers rate us 5 stars because we are reliable freight forwarding company and offer stress free shipping for export and import from Nigeria to the U.S



It is no secret that Nigerian resources highly contribute to the US industries, especially agricultural and textile industries. The United States yearly imports from Nigeria run into billions of dollars.

Both the US and Nigerian government have encouraged bilateral trade between the two countries and have sought to improve trade relations between the countries. One of the measures put in place for the improvement of trade relations is the Trade and Investments Framework Agreement between US and Nigeria entered into in February, 2000, and includes the following objectives;

  • To further develop both countries’ international trade and economic interrelationship.
  • Recognizing the importance of fostering an open and predictable environment for international trade and investment.
  • Recognizing the benefits to each party resulting from increased international trade and investment, etc.

Through this Agreement, both the United States and Nigeria have affirmed their desire to expand trade in products and services, as well as take appropriate measures to encourage and facilitate the exchange of goods and services through international shipping.

Also, the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) of which Nigeria is a beneficiary, has provided unrestricted access of Nigerian products into the US market. Hence, Nigerian products can enter the American market relatively easier and cheaper, thereby increasing profit for the importers wise enough to take advantage of this international shipping opportunity.

Importing products from Nigeria comes with numerous benefits. One of such benefits is the huge extension of profit margin. It is more useful to import certain products from Nigeria because the material and production costs are considerably lower. Also, shipping from Nigeria certain products is a sure-fire way of getting higher quality products.



There are a wide range of products which can be imported from Nigeria, ranging from raw materials to locally processed goods and others. Some of them are as follows:

  • Kolanut: Nigeria, being the major producer of Kolanut, produces approximately 150,000 tons annually. A good amount of kolanut is shipped from Nigeria to the US where it is being developed for use as alternative medicine. It is highly medicinal and has a lot of herbal uses. Indeed, Kolanut is becoming increasingly popular as a form of treatment in the US.

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

  • Leather: The raw materials for leather and its products are mainly from livestock, and Nigeria is endowed with the third largest livestock population in Africa. Presently, the world footwear and leather products sector is moving towards lower production cost countries such as Nigeria in a bid to maximize profit. You can also make huge profits shipping from Nigeria to USA

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

  • African Fabrics, Textiles and other fashion items: it is interesting to note that native “made in Nigeria” wears such as Ankara, buba, kaftan, agbada, beads and the likes can enter duty-free into the US market. In the textile and apparel category, Nigeria was the first country to be granted the Category 9 Certification by US which allows for exportation of African prints to the United States. Fabrics and textiles shipping from Nigeria can fetch you some extra money.

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

  • Locally produced foodstuff and spices:  Other locally produced goods which are highly sought after and produce great profit in the US include Cassava flakes, ginger, yam flour, beans flour, cocoa beans, plantain flour, groundnut, melon, beans, rice etc. Shipping of these will yield many financial retuns regardless of its for personal or commercial purposes

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

  • Hair Weaves and Extensions: You can start a business shipping from Nigeria hair weaves and extensions and make a lot of money off it, you can decide to bring it in for personal use as well.

Shipping From Nigeria To USA


International shipping requires that you follow basic principles, procedures and documentations as outlined by the US Customs and FDA. ShipToNaija as an international freight forwarder has the experience you need to make shipping your favorite food items, clothes and others for personal or commercial use stress-free. 

Accuracy and Transparency: When shipping goods from Nigeria to USA, you are required to provide accurate information on the item (s).  Information required includes:

  • The name of the product
  • The name of the product
  • Quantity of the item; and 
  • Price (value) of the item 

Appropriate Packaging

  • Goods to be shipped into the USA must be properly packaged and wrapped using the right materials. 
  • Each item must be properly labeled as well, as it is in the packing list required.

 At ShipToNaija, our services are guided by our full adherence and conformity to the laws guiding import and export. This has enabled us successfully ship thousands of items from Nigeria to USA (Import) and send goods to Nigeria (Export)


  • Drop off your items at our Lagos office located at 14 Akinremi Street off Awolowo Way, Ikeja
  • For those outside Lagos, drop off your products at the nearest, major Red Star office or any of our partner locations in Nigeria. All items MUST be packaged to ensure they cannot be damaged in transit
  • Ensure you have proper documentation and packaging. Please refer to our documentation and packaging guide   
  • We do not ship items on the prohibited list. (
  • Once your items are updated, you login to your account and make payment.
  • We ship your items and deliver to your preferred US destination address.
  • Items can also be picked up items at our offices (in Houston and Atlanta)


Our shipping rates are considerably low and the cheapest you would find among other freight forwarders in Nigeria. Not only that, our cost covers the cost for shipping and customs clearance at the ports. So, once you make payments, we would never ask you to make additional payment at the point of collection at any of our offices or when delivery is made at your doorstep.

 See our Pricing Page to learn more about our current pricing and other discounts we can offer for volume shipments.

We are trusted by over 15,000 Nigerians who have used our service happily to ship from the Nigeria from USA

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

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100% Money Back Guarantee if anything happens to your shipment. 

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Technology is changing the shipping business and we are incorporating it into all we do. Here is a list of features you get when you use ShipToNaija

Extras you get when you ship with ShipToNaija

Technology is changing the shipping business and we are incorporating it into all we do. Here is a list of features you get when you use ShipToNaija

Free ShipToNaija App - Android and IOS

Shipping From Nigeria To USA



The free Shiptonaija app, available for Android and IOS allows you to Get Quotes, Book a Shipment, Request for Local Pick Up, Request For Pick up With FedEx/UPS, View full details of all you are shipping, Pay, Track and get notifications on the status of your shipment.



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Shipping From Nigeria To USA

As a ShipToNaija customer you are assigned a part of our 23,000 sq ft warehouse which enable you drop off your item for shipping to Nigeria from USA. 

Our warehouse in Nigeria allows us to receive, package and prepare your shipment for shipping to U.S to be delivered to anywhere in USA

Document and letters

Shipping From Nigeria To USA

Postcards, letters, large envelopes (flats) and small packages can be sent using our air freight to for less than $10 from Nigeria and you get it here in as little as 5 business days. While others charge as much as $50 for the same service, our huge weekly volume allows us to lower the cost of shipping for all our customers.

Shipping Heavy Equipment/MachineryShipping From Nigeria To USA

Our services are not limited to textile, food, fashion items and document, we ship for import and export heavy items that may need repair or return from Nigeria to USA and vice-versa. Most times it is referred to as break bulk:

  • * This service is for oversized loads or those that cannot fit inside a container. 
  • * Shipping cost is very reasonable, and the transit time is usually within 6 to 8 weeks. 
  • * This service is designed for equipment such as caterpillars, tractors, cranes, heavy trucks and other heavy-duty construction equipment Packaged shipment at the Warehouse

100% Money Back Guarantee if anything happens to your shipment. 

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Nduka Udeh, CEO of ShipToNaija.