Become Your Own Shipping Company Without Stress


Hundreds of Nigerians live around you, want to ship items to and from Nigeria but have no place near them to do it. By becoming a partner with ShipToNaija:

  • You become your own shipping company by using the facility you already have i.e. zero investment to start up.
  • Forget the stress of dealing with airlines, clearing agents or the stress of dealing with deliveries in Nigeria.
  • Get paid monthly on commissions both for shipments going to Nigeria and coming from Nigeria.


How Does It Work?


  • You receive shipments from Nigerians around you who drop it off at your existing facility.
  • On a regular basis, ShipToNaija will schedule a pick up of all shipments and move it to the warehouse in Houston or Atlanta.
  • From there, ShipToNaija handles the shipping direct to the final receiver in Nigeria.


What Do I Need To Get Started?

All you need is to have an already existing facility where you may be doing other business that can serve as a drop off point. So, whether you already own a restaurant, an African food outlet or even a saloon, as long as you have the space to receive shipments, you are good to go. However, we will do some verifications before approving your facility.


How Much Do I Need To Get Started?

The startup cost is just $1000. We request this to show that you are committed to running the business. This covers the cost of:

  • ShipToNaija fliers that can be used to tell others about your new business.
  • Postcards that we will mail to all Nigerians in your area. So if there are 2000 Nigerians in your area, we will mail postcards telling them about your new business. If there are 4000, we will mail the postcard to all 4000. 
  • 1 month of Facebook adverts directing and telling customers in your area about your new business.

Our team of graphic designers will work with you to create great content to help kick start your new shipping business.


How Much Can I Earn?

The earning potential depends on how many Nigerians are in your area. Typically, we believe that if you can serve over 50 Nigerians on a monthly basis, you will earn not less than $1000 extra. Hence the more Nigerians/Customers you have in your area, the more you are earning potential.


Why Partner With ShipToNaija?

ShipToNaija has shipped thousands of items to Nigeria for Nigerians and currently serves over 15,000 customers in the USA. We provide one of the fastest shipping service from the USA to Nigeria with guarantees that no other company can beat. With over 100 staff both in the USA and Nigeria, your customers can be rest assured of the best service when they know your deliveries are backed by a Company as strong as ShipToNaija.




How To Get Started

Simply email us at with the following details:

  • Name, Email and Phone Number
  • Address of store location
  • City your location will cover
  • Why you think the location will be of good interest to an outlet.
  • Any other information of interest. 

We look forward to partnering with you. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requirement to becoming a partner
    • You need to have a business location where customers can drop off their shipment. At a minimum the location must have the following:
      • Space of at least 300 square feet that can be used to receive, package and store customer shipments. 
      • A dedicated phone to answer customers questions who call the location directly. This can be a mobile phone or a land line. 
      • At least one computer system that customers can use to register for a shipping account and where you can perform duties on the ShipToNaija platform.
      • For those who want to ship cars, you must show that you have a space where cars can be securely packed over night.
      • NOTE - Residential quarters can not be used as a location as it will violate building use codes.
  • What is the start up cost of $1000 used for.
    • The start up cost is used mainly to show commitment from any one wanting to be a partners. However, we use it to cover the following costs:
      • Cost of sending postcards to Nigerians in a 4 hours drive radius around you. We have seen that Nigerians can drive upto 4 hours to come drop off packages, so we will mail post cards not just to those in your city but those in cities around you. This is done once we have your address, phone numbers and other information needed for them to locate your new location.
      • We will run facebook, instagram and online adverts for at least one month in your location, letting Nigerian around to know your new locations.
      • We will print banners and send to you. These are stand up banners that can be placed in your location to let them know that you offer shipping services.
  • How soon after approval can l start.
    • You can start almost immediately once all necessary agreements are signed.
  • How much do l get paid.
    • You are paid $1/kg for air shipments. So if in a month, 1000kg of shipment is sent through you, then you earn $1000 as commission.
    • You are paid $0.5/kg for ocean shipments. So if ina month, you move additional 2000kg of ocean shipment, you are paid $2000 as commission.
    • For those who have the facility to handle cars, you are paid $100 for every car that is shipped through you.
  • How do l book shipments for customers.
    • Everything is done online at You will be given partner access to create shipments for customers. Hence the need for a computer and knowledge of how to use it.
  • How do customers pay for shipment.
    • Customers can pay online after dropping a shipment or can pay online right at your facility.
    • Customers can pay cash to you at the location when dropping off.
    • They can pay into the designated ShipToNaija bank account.
  • What kind of training and support is provided
    • We will provide you all the training need to receive, pack, label and ship packages to the nearest ShipToNaija warehouse.
    • We will provide you access to our partner support line who will help to answer any questions you may have at any time. 
  • Where do customer ship to
    • We ship to any where in Nigeria. So your customers can request for items to be shipped to just about anywhere in Nigeria. 
  • ​​​​​​​What coverage does customers shipments have
    • ​​​​​​​All ShipToNaija shipments are fully insured and customers are refunded 100% if anything happens to their shipments. So they are refunded fully for the declared values of the items and the shipping cost.
  • ​​​​​​​What is the typical transit time for shipments
    • ​​​​​​​Depending on your exact location to our warehouse, it will take 2 to 4 days to have shipments delivered to the warehouse. From the warehouse, we ship out Tuesdays and Thursdays to Nigeria and it takes 3 to 4 days to get to Lagos. An extra 2 days is needed to clear through customs for a total of 5 to 6 days transit from our warehouse.
  • How do l know the status of goods sent by my customers
    • Customers can track the status of all shipments using the ShipToNaija app or via
  • How do you ship cars.
    • ​​​​​​​All cars are shipped containerized. We do not do any form of RORO shipping.
  • What do l do next.
    • If you are okay with all the conditions listed above, please follwoing the following procedure to get started.
      • Email picture of the location, showing us the following (1) The front of the facility (2) The back of the facility (3) Sides of the facility if applicable (4) The inside of the location, showing where customers will package their shipments (5) The inside of the facility showing where items can be securely stored after packaging (6) If intrested in shipping cars, the picture of where cars can be safely parked over night.
      • Email a copy of your lease that shows you have the right to the location. We will need to review to be sure that the place can be used to receive customers shipments.
    • ​​​​​​​We will review the requested documents and get back to you on the next steps.

​​​​​​​Need more information, please call us at +1 888 7447 952