Shiptonaija Terms & Conditions

    1. You agree not to use the platform to ship any fraudulent item mailed from your residential address or dropped off at any of our offices with a stolen credit/debit card.
    2. Be sure to use your assigned warehouse address correctly ensuring your unit number is attached to the warehouse address when mailing your items through a local courier service from your residential address to the warehouse to avoid delays in assigning the item correctly to your account.
    3. From the day your item is updated in your warehouse, you have as much as 7 days free storage and agree to make payment within the free storage period. If items are not paid for within the 7 free days, a storage of $0.1/pound/number of days will be added, and this cannot be waived for any reason.
    4. You agree that the value of your item on the platform after payment will be used to file a claim with the insurance in case the item gets lost or damaged while in transit. Ensure the value of your item is updated correctly before making payment.
    5. Payments made to a Nigerian account will incur the standard 5% VAT as required by law. Other options are available that do not incur this charge.