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Finding the right item when you need it the most can be very satisfying and what is better, is having it shipped down to you at an affordable cost..

Because of shiptonaija, that cosmetic product which your skin is used to can still be within your reach no matter where you are. Be it the popular black soap, local lotion or the sheer butter for your hair, these and more are cosmetics you can ship from Nigeria to the USA.

Are you overseas but you want a business by selling cosmetics items abroad? Can you make local skin care cosmetics? Then the time has come for you to cash out in dollars by expanding your business internationally, using Shiptonaija to ship your cosmetic items from Nigeria to USA, Canada, UK, and other countries.

We at shiptonaija, know that you may experience challenges with shipping cosmetics from Nigeria to the US especially with cost as you may be charged thousands upon thousands to ship cosmetic items globally, that is why we have made sure to tackle such issues by providing you with the cheapest way to ship cosmetic items from Nigeria to the USA.

For those of you who have been wanting to start up a skin care business but always stuck with this question in your head “how much does it cost to ship cosmetics from Nigeria to abroad” no need to keep on worrying, we are here to show you the easiest way on how to ship cosmetics items from Nigeria to US.


shipping from Nigeria to USA,



You as an individual, looking to maintain that skin glow or wanting to explore your passion in cosmetology, below are top 4 cosmetics to ship from Nigeria to US to earn you some cool cash.

  • Skin care product. 
  • Make up product.
  • Hair products
  • Body oil fragrance

Well, now you know that you have always had these opportunities laying just around you waiting to be made use of. It is time to turn your passion into some money-making business.


Skin Care Product

Ship Skin care product from Nigeria to USA



Hair Product

Ship hair product from Nigeria to USA


Body Oil

Ship body oil from Nigeria to US


Shiptonaija has defined a way to ensure you have varieties when Shipping Cometics Globally, bearing in mind that you want it cheaper and faster and that is why we have both the Air Shipping and Ocean Shipping Methods.

  • Air Shipping Method: 

With our Air shipping of cosmetics items from Nigeria to USA, you enjoy #3000 per kg Cost to ship cosmetics products from Nigeria to US or other countries. Weekly shipping of Nigerian cosmetic products through standard with a delivery time of 5 to 7 business days to the US; Door to door Priority delivery in 3 to 5 business days to every part of the world at affordable rates. Everyday Priority shipping within 24hrs of payment.

  • Ocean shipping Method: 

Shipping of shared container to the USA; we can still do ocean shipping of cosmetic product from Nigeria to US even if you do not have up to a container load.


  • Door to door container shipping to the US, UK, and some African countries 
  • Door to port container shipping to other parts of the world.

Enjoy an Unbeatable shipping rate of N750/kg for our shared container shipping


ShiptoNaija Lagos Warehouse - air and ocean shipping from Houston

Export shipment leaving Nigeria warehouse to the Airport


shipping from Nigeria to USA,


Why you need to use Shiptonaija for Export Services

While we cater for everyone, we also put into consideration customers who are exporting for the first time either for commercial use or personal purposes and still providing solutions to challenges faced while shipping cosmetic items from Nigeria to US.

Fast Delivery.ShipToNaija's Nigeria Well Trained Professional Staff


With our everyday priority shipping, items are delivered to any location globally in 3-5 business days.

Affordable ShippingShipping to Nigeria with No Missing or Damaged Items | ship with Shiptonaija Today!

The question of “how much is shipping cosmetics from Nigeria to USA” is erased because you pay the barest minimum charge to have your items shipped from Nigeria to Major international countries Nigerians ship cosmetics Items to.

Pickup ServiceShiptonaija delivers Nationwide when you ship your items from Houston, Texas, USA to Anywhere in Nigeria.

We make shipping cosmetics items From Nigeria to US stress-free because we can help you pick up your items from any location in Nigeria for onward shipping overseas, hence, you do not need to ask how to send cosmetic products from Nigeria to USA.

Free Export ConsultationFreight shipping to Nigeria from Houston

Having cosmetic items to ship from Nigeria to US is one thing but sending cosmetic products through an International shipping company is a different ball game, although people see it as a lot of work, however, here at Shiptonaija we make it stress-free as we educate you on the complete guide to ship cosmetics from Nigeria to other countries (Europe, Asia and America) for example, you need to know the cosmetics items that qualify for duty-free into the US market, we also inform you on what the Export packing list is meant for and how you can get your Export license for commercial purposes. We do not stop here, we also give you an idea of the Top 5 cosmetics items made in Nigeria that can be shipped from Nigeria to abroad.

WarehousingFreight shipping to Nigeria from Houston

We understand that some of you have buyers who you supply skincare products to abroad and others are looking to list out their items on international E-commerce site where Online shipping and shopping for International cosmetics is done, hence we can help you store your items in our US warehouse and then deliver to your customer’s doorstep.




ShipToNaija's Nigeria Well Trained Professional Staff


With over 10 years in the business of shipping cosmetics items From Nigeria to US, we have helped customers deliver skin care and makeup items from Nigeria to any location all over the world in as little as 5 business days and of course at an affordable rate, hence, we have taken care of issues like how to send cosmetics products from Nigeria to USA.

Guaranteed Delivery

Shipping to Nigeria with No Missing or Damaged Items | ship with Shiptonaija Today!

Whether you are Shipping cosmetics items Globally or Shipping cosmetic products from Nigeria to US, you enjoy Door to door guaranteed delivery in 3 business days when you use the express shipping method and 6-8 weeks via ocean shipping to the USA.

Social Media RatingShiptonaija delivers Nationwide when you ship your items from Houston, Texas, USA to Anywhere in Nigeria.

ith our constant excellent service delivery, we have driven our customers (who ship cosmetic items from Nigeria to USA) to total satisfaction and therefore they talk about shiptonaija to the world letting them know that shipping cosmetic items from Nigeria to USA can be so easy as well as seamless.


ShiptoNaija Lagos Warehouse - air and ocean shipping from Houston

Lagos Warehouse Team - Updating received Export shipment prior to shipped out from Nigeria to other international countries. 


Having trouble exporting Cometic products from Nigeria to the USA? 
Do you want cheap and reliable means of exporting Cometic products from Nigeria to the USA?
Have you experienced hassles in the past while shipping /exporting yourCometic products?
If your answer is ‘Yes” to any of the above, then you need to try Shiptonaija.

export from Lagos to nigeria ti the USA, export to US from Lagos Nigeria, export to US from Nigeria

Shiptonaija offers hassle-free, reliable, and cheap means to export your Cometic products from Nigeria to the USA.
We are a haven for all your shipping concerns. With Shiptonaija, you can export Cometic products from Nigeria to the USA timely and without stress. Our team of experts is ever ready to meet your shipping needs. 
At Shiptonaija, we offer affordable shipping from Nigeria to the USA while rendering top-notch services. We give you the option to ship your products via Air Freight or by sea from Nigeria to the USA. Your choice determines the price you pay.  
Shipping by air freight is faster but slightly more expensive when compared with shipping by cargo.  Your Cometic products are delivered in the USA within 3 to 5 business days by air freight while sea shipping from Nigeria to the USA takes 6 to 8 weeks.  Whichever method meets your personal/business need(s), be rest assured that the shipping your Cometic products from Nigeria to the USA price we offer is second to none.

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You can export a variety of goods to the USA provided they are not listed among prohibited goods. Please check our guide for prohibited goods, click to see the guide.


Shiptoniaja Ocean Export Shipment

Ocean Shipment being loaded into the container to be transported to the Sea Port


Extras you get when you ship with ShipToNaija

Technology is changing the shipping business and we are incorporating it into all we do. Here is a list of features you get when you use ShipToNaija


Free ShipToNaija App - Android and IOS

Shiptonaija App - Simple shipping solution Import and Export shipping


The free Shiptonaija app, available for Android and IOS allows you to Get Quotes, Book a Shipment, Request for Local Pick Up, Request For Pick up With FedEx/UPS, View full details of all you are shipping, Pay, Track and get notifications on the status of your shipment.



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Do you also know that an act was signed in the year 2000 under the US trade and development acts? How much have you benefitted from this act? Do you know the best time to benefit is now? Have you heard of AGOA?
African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is a United States trade act. The legislation was enacted on 18 May 2000. It significantly enhances unhindered market access to the USA for Nigeria. Its purpose is to assist sub-Saharan economies (and Nigeria) improve economic relations with the USA. It provides trade preferences for quota and duty-free entry into the USA for certain goods.
Basically, it provides duty and quota-free market preferences for countries in the Sub Sahara including Nigeria.  This means you can export certain products from Nigeria to the US without paying for duty. 
Who doesn’t like duty free shipping? And guess what? AGOA is currently in the act until 2025. Now is the time to take ample opportunity of this act, in the next 4 years, it may not exist

Do you know that African Apparel and footwear made with Ankara and other African fabrics are covered under AGOA? Yes, they are.

So why is this act beneficial to you as an exporter? AGOA provides Nigerian exporters with numerous attractive advantages in doing international business:

  • Duty-free access for eligible products to the USA: You are not paying a kobo as duty for air freight to the U.S, interesting, isn’t it?
  • Significant competitive tariff advantages over non-AGOA countries: Other non-sub Saharan nations are still paying tariffs and duty. Your products definitely would be cheaper than theirs and you have an advantage over them.
  • Encouragement of regional integration and production sharing among beneficiary countries.
  • Security of the act ensured until 2025: Until 2025, you can be sure to enjoy this great opportunity


  • Packaging and labelling: If you can ensure proper packaging, then you are good to go
  • The unwillingness of our people to take risks associated with export business: You aren’t going to snooze on this, are you?
  • Lack of basic information about doing business in the US market: Lack of basic information on export has hindered a lot of people from thriving in the export industry.
  • Inadequate training on the export process.
  • Weak infrastructure – energy, transportation, water, information technology (IT), etc

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For formal exports the following documents will be required at different stages of the export process:

    The first step of your export procedure is registration as an exporter with NEPC. In order to venture into the export business, this is required. In summary:
    (A) Document issued – exporter’s certificate
    (B) Issued by – NEPC
    (C) Relevancce  – it licenses you as an exporter and makes you eligible for NEPC-benefits
    An export contract is an agreement between seller and buyer on the terms of export business:
    (A) Document issued – a signed export contract
    (B) Issued by – you as an exporter and the importer
    (C) Relevance – it spells out the obligations of buyer and seller
    Quality assurance documents help you to ensure your exported goods conform to safety measures (as stated by international conventions and possibly agreed terms of the contract). Using internationally recognized bodies is very important.
    Depending on the nature of the Cometic products that you are exporting from Nigeria to the US, the required documentation varies.
    Do you know you don’t have to stress yourself acquiring all these documents?  I earlier mentioned to you that Shiptonaija has all necessary compliance and documentation to ensure you enjoy this duty-free cargo shipping to the US.