The ShipToNaija Story

Delays, poor customer service, no information on the status of my shipment, and even sadder is the loss of $25,000 on a car shipping from USA to Nigeria. That was my introduction to shipping from USA to Nigeria. A sad story for one who saved all the money he had as far back as 2009 to buy a car, with the intention of making a small profit reselling it back home in Nigeria.

Later, l found out that l was not alone. I found out that so many shipping companies owned by Nigerians were in the business of delivering the absolute worst service you can think of.

  • Items get missing, broken and damaged regularly without compensation.
  • Shipments do not arrive as expected. Things paid to be shipped via air are shipped via sea, and the customer has no recourse but to wait and count their losses.
  • Shipped items are sent to a clearing agent who has no interest in ensuring that items are delivered stress free to you the shipper.
  • You have no body to call for simple questions, and when they finally pick you call, they have no idea of the status of your shipment, dropping the calls rudely on you most times.

By the time l realized that this was the norm, it was already too late. My car was in the hands of a notoriously fraudulent shipping company who acted as if it was normal to defraud others. After a lengthy court battle to recover my money, details of which is attached showing my winning judgement, l said to myself “No other person should be made to go through what l went through”. In 2009, February 19th, we filled papers for the formation of a company whose sole purpose is to deliver the best of service to Nigerians, and since 2009, we have gradually improved our services to ensure it has the ability to compete favorably with the likes of DHL, Fedex and UPS, and we are confident that we are there now. Based on my experience, we designed ShipToNaija to ensure that:

  • You will always have items delivered in the same exact way it was shipped. Do we achieve this 100% of the time, NO. But we certainly achieve it more than 99% of the time. For the remaining 1%, we make sure you are fully compensated for the declared value and the shipping cost.
  • You will have your items delivered when we say we will. Do we achieve this all the time, No. But we have designed our system to ensure that if Fedex, UPS and DHL can do it, we can also do it. Our commitment on this is so strong that if we delay your package, we are willing to offer a 25% discount on the shipping cost.
  • You will get the best in Customer Service always. To achieve this, we have trained and recruited staffs we see to be exceptional in delivering amazing customer service. If DHL, Fedex and UPS can, so can we.

These are the three core principles we have built ShipToNaija on, and we will do anything we can to ensure we give you the best always.

I am Nduka Udeh, CEO of ShipToNaija and we are here to make sure you get the best always.  

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