Lucrative Business You Can Do In Nigeria to Make More Money in USA

Are you in the USA thinking how to start a business in Nigeria? Planning to invest your money in the right business means partnering with the right logistics company that can provide you value for your money. Here we will start by listing some very lucrative business in Nigeria that will definitely bring you millions of cash in no time. Here are some of the latest business opportunities in Nigeria that any entrepreneur both in USA and back home in Nigeria who really wants to do good business and make money must seriously give a thought, especially now that oil is no longer the only items bringing in millions.

List of Businesses Ideas in Nigeria

The Nigerian government through NEPC – Nigerian Export Promotion Council – is increasingly encouraging entrepreneurs, businessmen and agriculturalists to export more non-oil products so as to grow the country’s export index, create jobs, and in the long run stabilize Nigeria’s economy. So here is a cash cow for you. This list of business ideas requires small capital, but we will also show more that may need huge investment.


  • Shoe Making – Ariaria Market is a major market not only in Nigeria, but also in the West African region. Nicknamed the 'China of Africa". It is valued for valued for its versatility in the making of some fashion items like leather shoes, clothes and other leather works. Already serious minded investors and entrepreneurs are already taking advantage of the enormous talents found here and making money of the products the ship and sell within USA and Europe.
  • Textile – Depending on the volume you might not need so much capital, there a lots of skilled tailors in Nigeria looking for where to sell their products, many as we already see are being sold on online stores like amazon, ebay and Walmart. You too can sell on those platforms and make more money.

Export – Well if you have business that gets raw materials, industrial supplies and more from USA this is a business to consider, however you can through our export services start these great business ideas:

  • Ecommerce - Nigeria is still very much a huge market and ecommerce will thrive in it. E-Commerce is one of the latest business opportunities in Nigeria that is making serious and experienced entrepreneurs serious money. With a very large warehouse and good marketing strategy you will get a large part of the market. 


  • Agriculture - Here is the next big thing after oil and gas and millions are being cashed out by serious investors and entrepreneurs. The requirements for shipping goods to USA from Nigeria depend largely on the products in question; call us on +1 346 240 3777 to get details and our guide on shipping agricultural products from Nigeria.
  • Hospitality & Tourism - This happens to be another lucrative business in Nigeria big cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Owerri, Calabar etc.  This is probably the coolest money making opportunity in Nigeria. As Nigeria is developing so is the hospitality and tourism industry and therein lays great business opportunities that are suitable for both big and small investors. If you can’t afford to own one you can get to supply interior decorations, beddings and toiletries for most of these big and popular hotels who want luxury for customers and clients. 
  • Supermarkets - Nigerians clamor for quality and owning a big supermarket to compete with the likes of Shoprite never runs out of fashion. The good thing is you are in the USA where you can easily buy affordable and quality products from stores like Samsclub, Amazon and many more to send down to Nigeria.

Cheapest International Shipping

So now you are probably thinking how you will ship items to Nigeria? ShipToNaija has got you covered, whether you are shipping sample products or small packages up to a full container load. At ShipToNaija, you are getting some of the cheapest international shipping methods to save you well over 70% of what other shipper will bill you. Our services include:

Air Shipping – With ShipToNaija you get a pure reliable shipping experience. Our air freight from USA to Nigeria takes:
  • 3 to 4 days via expedited shipping
  • 6 to 11 days via standard shipping
  • We also ship from Nigeria to USA as stipulated above.
Ocean Shipping
  • Transit time: 6 to 8 weeks to cover shipping and clearing at the ports.
  • FCL – Full Container Load. This option allows you to ship all your goods at once if they will fill up a container. For example if you are shipping up to 4 cars, you can use the FCL service.
  • LCL – Less than Container Load. Not everyone has goods to fill up a container so this option is for you. It saves you cost since you only pay for the space which your package takes within the container, the cost will be split with you and other customers. Shipping direct the items you buy from wholesale online stores in USA? You can send straight to us and we will deliver.
  • Break-Bulk – this service is good for very large industrial equipment or machines that cannot fit into a container. We specialize in break bulk and safely ship from USA to Nigeria.


  • Free mailbox – Once you are signed up on you are given a part of our 23,000 square foot warehouse in Houston, Texas. With this you can send us your item from any location in USA. However, if you are outside Houston, tell us where you are and we will ship out from the nearest port to you to save you more money.

Clearing – We clear for import and export – Typically our clearing in USA and Nigeria is done in 6 business days. We are able to achieve this because we follow the customs law and ensure appropriate documentation and shipping procedures are followed by our team.

Benefits of Using ShiptoNaija

  • 100% Free Insurance Cover – You have a 100% delivery guarantee policy or you get your money back if anything happens to your shipment.
  • Best rates for shipping – At ShiptoNaija you get 25% discount on our weekly ocean shipping. You also save up to 70% on air shipping that is as low as $3.49/lb compared to other major shippers.
  • Online Tracking with Regular Notification – We have put up a system that makes it easy for you to track your shipment, getting real time notifications of their current location, and their estimated time of arrival.
  • Virtual Warehouse – Our automated warehouse view makes it possible for you to be fully up to date with information’s regarding all shipments you have at our US warehouse.
  • Responsive Customer Care – Unlike others were you ca not make enquiries or ask question we are available for you via email, phone call, live chat and you can walk into our office to speak with us. Be rest assured all enquiries are resolved within 24 working hours.





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