Our Corporate Responsibility


At ShiptoNaija, it is our belief that giving back to the society not only makes one generous, it also gives a sense of purpose and happiness in doing something for others who need it more. 

With support from Nigerians in USA, ShiptoNaija has been able to donate items like baby wears, baby diapers, adult shoes and clothes, food items and lots more. A large part of these donation was done by customers and were shipped down to Nigeria for free by shiptonaija.com in two (2) full containers

A visit to Little Saints Orphanage in Lagos Nigeria compelled us to do more and we will be doing this yearly with more homes. This desire to give back was borne out of the fact that these children need all the support they can get when it comes to living a normal life. Children in the orphanage do not have access to luxury which is due to factors beyond their control.

Our focus is on empowering others as much as we can, and we are ready to do more in future. This visit is to contribute our quota to the lives of these children with the donation made by our customers in USA and our free shipping service of about 2 container loads of items.

We are committed to giving back and will be willing to partner with others who have items to distribute. Our shipping service will be offered free of charge when you bring or send items for charity to any of our offices in Houston or Atlanta.


Items that were donated


Kids at the orphanage


Proprietress receiving cheque


Lifting lives team



Watch ShiptoNaija Lifting Lives 


ShiptoNaija Gives Nigerians in USA the Chance to Visit Nigeria for Free


It’s Christmas again and shiptonaija.com is making it very special for anyone shipping with us this season. We love to help you stay connected with your family and friends this season, so among other things we have decided to sponsor a Nigerian in USA with a return ticket to visit family and friends in Nigeria. We are committed to uniting families through our shipping services and have seen that, while it is great to put a call across families, send items they will cherish, nothing beats a great reunion. This special offer is giving back to our dear customers who will be sending items to their loved ones this period for only $100.


The goal of our corporate responsibility is to make a positive contribution to the Nigerian society and the countries we operate in using our expertise in logistics.






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