Do you need Verified Industrial Suppliers from USA to Nigeria ?

Get your materials, equipment and machine parts delivered from the USA to Nigeria through an affordable and stress-free logistics service that will give you back a lot more than your money’s worth.


Experience the easiest and most affordable way to source,verify, procure and get all your industrial supplies from the USA delivered straight to your location in Nigeria. Shiptonaija as one of the major industrial shipping companies, leverages on our Headquarters in the USA to provide access to verified industrial tools and equipment suppliers from USA to Nigeria. 
We guarantee a 70% savings off your regular shipping cost over time. added to expedited shipping with regular discounts and other value added services.
How it works
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Procurement and Shipping -  Procurement  is primarily the process of purchasing or buying goods from a contracted supplier. After contracting a supplier, the actual ordering and fulfillment, documentation and processing is  undertaken by our trained staff resident in the USA. 

We ship industrial suplies via ocean from the USA to Nigeria in 5-8 weeks.  Our customs clearing  takes no more than 5 days and standard Air freight is on a 4-8 business days delivery period while express takes  2-4 business days to deliver. 
Our other value added services to ensure a smooth transition from sourcing to delivery include

cargo to Ghana


With a record of 1,000,000 items successfully delivered, we have a 100% delivery guarantee policy or your money back.When we say ‘Money Back’, it includes your shipping cost and also cost of goods!.

Guaranteed Shipping to Nigeria

Delivery via air in 5 days

Shipping, clearing and delivery  of heavy equipment to Nigeria from the USA to your door  using our standard air cargo service takes 5 business days.



Save even more on our weekly ocean freight with guaranteed delivery in 6-8 weeks. We will also refund you 25% of your shipping cost should there be a delay.

$2.00 per pounds air shipping

Save money with our unbeatable rate of  $2.00 for items less than 2lbs via air


Sourcing for dollars is not an issue

Pay us in Naira while we transact in dollars and pay your Suppliers.


Pick-Up services available anywhere

We offer pick-up services for any size of item from industrial equipment suppliers in the USA. whatever the size of your cargo, or location of your supplier in the USA, we can arrange for pick-up.

Free pickup within Houston for 100lbs packages and above



Export for repair or return

We also export parts or equipment from Nigeria to supplier's location for repairs, maintenance or return.


We Got Nigeria Fully Covered

We offer full door to door shipping to any location in Nigeria.

door to door shipping to Nigeria

We source for forex

For forex sourcing alone, processing fee can go as low as 2.5% of item value



Our services spreads across all the major sectors of an economy, and it covers Sourcing,Procurement, Vendor Verification, Warehousing, Consolidation, Freight, Packaging, Tracking and other value added services.

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