The business of exporting items from USA to Nigeria is very profitable, you can engage in doing business back home in Nigeria even as a US resident. There are so many lucrative items that you can export from USA to Nigeria, these items range from fashion items, electronics, auto parts, cars, gadgets, phones, cosmetics etc. Shiptonaija makes the whole export/shipping process easier for you, as we ensure you experience stress-free shipping service. 
Nothing is more important to an exporter than a fast, reliable and cost effecting export process; Shiptonaija offers you just various export services, ranging from warehousing, shipping, packaging, as well as custom clearance.
How it works
Sign Up on to create your profile
Verify your phone number using the code sent to you via SMS
Update your delivery address, where all items will be delivered to in Nigeria
Drop-off at our Houston office, you can also send us your package through a local courier
You will be alerted once your item is updated in our warehouse/processed for shipping
Make payment for shipping in Houston or Nigeria
We ship out and deliver to your destination in Nigeria



We have a warehousing facility which is 23,000 sq. foot. This is used to store waiting to be shipped out. The warehouse is well structured and arranged, be sure that your items will not get damaged and are safe in our care. We also offer you 10 day free warehouse storage.



We help in consolidating your exportable items in our warehouse, in order for you to ship them out as a single package.


Air shipping

Our air shipping services enables you export cargo/items from the USA to Nigeria, with an estimated time of arrival of 5 business days with an unbeatable rate that enables you save close to 70% on cost of exportation when compared to other shippers.


Ocean Shipping

We offer top notch ocean shipping services if you intend to export your items from USA to Nigeria via ocean freight, our ocean shipping takes about 6 – 8 weeks estimated time of delivery with either our 40ft container (full container load), or a 20ft container, depending on the volume of items you intend to export from USA to Nigeria.


Standard Packaging

All items delivered to our warehouse facility are handled with extra care, as it is of paramount importance to us that no damage occurs to your items. To ensure that no damage occurs while in transit, we make use of standard boxes, crates and pallets in packaging your items before they are shipped out.


Insurance Coverage
We have measures put in place that all items shipped out are delivered to their final destination in good condition. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances that might occur, we have an insurance coverage on all items shipped through us. You do not need to be burdened about the safety of your items while in transit, and if the unexpected occurs you get refunded both on the value of your items, as well as the shipping cost.
Guaranteed Shipping to Nigeria


With Shiptonaija be rest assured that your exported items will be delivered to Nigeria safely and timely. Just as our brand promise says; “We are as good as you taking it there yourself”.





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