Export Goods from Nigeria to USA




Export is the only trade that allows you earn up to 4 times what you currently make here in Nigeria. By selling your made in Nigeria products in USA, you are exposed to:
  • Earning in dollars
  • Attracting a larger market
  • Getting paid higher than you sell locally 



 Shoptomydoor is creating profitable business opportunities for everyone in Nigeria, and with our export services you can be rest assured that you will be earning big in no time. Especially as the Naira continues to devalue, it makes export a lucrative business because the demand gets higher. Simply follow these steps to start shipping from Nigeria to USA for business:


 There are so many products you can sell on Amazon, eBay and other USA online stores. However, when you are shipping goods from Nigeria to USA it is important to know if there are products that are restricted or prohibited. We can advise on those and guide you to help make more profit in your business.
These are some lucrative products that are on high demand and frequently shipped by our customers from Nigeria to USA:




Air Shipping to USA from Nigeria

Shoptomydoor gives you the fastest and cheapest way to send parcels to your friends, families, customers and business partners in US from Nigeria. Our transit time is 10 to 14 business days for standard and 3 to 8 business days for express. Items above 100kg will be shipped immediately.


Ocean Shipping from Nigeria to USA

You can either bring in a full container load and we will ship it immediately or less than container load and we consolidate with other exporters shipping their goods from Nigeria to USA.


To start any international trade, you must follow the standard procedure to minimize export risk, such as not allowing entrance into the US at the port, a possible return of product, confiscation and/or destruction by the US customs. Our team will guide your export business to ensure:
  • Your product conforms with the USA standard and specifications.
  • The risk involved in exporting your goods from Nigeria to USA is minimized.
  • Your product meets buyer requirement to get listed on Amazon, eBay and others.
  • Guide you to get appropriate packaging, labelling, description and documentation. 



Download document for commercial invoice 

List of exportable items 

Download document for packing list



Samples of Good Branding, Labelling, Packaging and Product Description

 When exporting food products there are lots of requirement needed by USA Food, and Drug Administration. For your food export, we will only ship food products if you have your own FDA certificate.
For other products like fabrics, Ankara made bags, shoe, accessories and others, all you need is for your products to be professionally branded.

Why Use Shoptomydoor to Export Goods from Nigeria to USA?

  •  Easy to Get Buyers: Our solutions ensure your goods are right there in the face of your customers, by help you list and sell on Amazon and eBay.
  • Warehousing: We have enough warehousing in Lagos, Houston and Atlanta to store goods on arrival prior to ship out or delivery to your customers.
  • Guaranteed Delivery: You can be rest assured that your goods will be safely delivered to your customers once an order is placed, anywhere in USA.
  • Reduced Shipping Cost: Our consolidation works to reduce your shipping cost, ship with our customers and you save up to 60% on your shipping cost.
  • Fast Shipping: Our weekly shipping allows you move items via air in just 10 to 14 days while ocean shipping takes on 10 weeks in transit to USA.
  • 19 Hours Live Support: Once you register on www.shoptomydoor.com you will be assigned an account officer that will help you through any challenges you have.




Ready to start your mini export business?

For help or further inquiries call us on 0700 800 8000 
Email: contact@shoptomydoor.com