Among the various types of shipping, air freight is one of the most widely used, especially when goods/cargo need to be delivered urgently. When it comes to reliability and fast delivery speed, air freight Is probably your best option when compared to other forms of shipping. Air shipping is a faster way of connecting countries through trade. For example it takes about 20 – 30 days to ship items from China to USA via ocean shipping, while on the other hand it take just 2 – 3 days to ship items via air freight. This article would shed more light on air shipping, especially why you need to choose air shipping over any other type of shipping method, air freight cost per kg, necessary documentations needed for air shipping, custom clearance etc.

Air Freight Cost: The Costs of Shipping by Air

Almost all air freight companies consider weight and volume as key factors when determining air freight cost. Air freight companies in Atlanta & some other part of USA charge either by using the volumetric weight (this is also known as the dimensional weight) of the item, or by using the actual weight of the item. They go with the value that is higher, which most times is usually the volumetric weight.
The dimensional weight pricing can be defined as the price that should be paid for shipping based on the cubic size of the package that is to be shipped. It is a rule of thumb in the shipping sector to always apply this formula when calculating dimensional weight of any package => (l X b X h)/139
For example if you wish to air freight an item from Atlanta to Lagos, Nigeria, let’s say a pair of sneakers which comes in a box for protection. The total weight of the item to be shipped (gross weight) being 18lbs, and the dimensions of the box being 24 X 12 X 12 in inches, the cubic size calculation of the box would be calculated as thus: 24 * 12 * 12 = 3456 cubic inches
The dimensional weight calculation would be => 3456/139 = 25lbs
In this case, the dimensional weight of the box exceeds the actual weight of the box; the dimensional weight here becomes the chargeable weight. If the air freight company charges $2.79/lb when air shipping packages from Atlanta to Lagos, Nigeria, then the air freight cost for shipping the sneakers, would simply be 2.79*25 = $69.75 excluding other charges like import duties, VAT etc.
Most air freight companies prefer using pounds (lbs) to kilogram (kg), regardless of what unit your dimension comes in, if you wish to calculate the air freight cost yourself, you can easily convert from kilogram to pounds by multiplying the value in kg by 2.20462 i.e. 1kg = 2.20462lbs.
To get your air freight shipping cost, use our air cargo rates calculator by clicking this link: Get a Quote

Why opt for Air Freight?

Speed (Early Estimated Time of Arrival): Imagine a scenario where you’re a resident of Atlanta, Georgia and you wish to send a package to your family in Nigeria, and it happens to be a matter of urgency because the package is to be used by them within the next 10 days. What shipping method do you think would be the best to use so they receive the package within the next 4 business days? Yes, you are right. Air shipping would be most suitable. It is a known fact that airplanes are about 30 times faster than ocean ship liners. The average sped for an air freight airplane is about 580mph, while that of ocean ship liners are just about 15 – 79 mph. All these show that the speed of ocean freight or any other shipping method cannot be compared with that of air freight, which in turn show that the estimated time of delivery for air freight is just with few days, which is far better than that of ocean freight or any other method of sending cargo that you can think of.
Reliable: Air shipping provides better tracking of cargo than any other means of shipping. With air freight you know the current location where your items are, and when they would get to their destination, as the arrival and departure time of most airliners are very reliable.
Security/Protection: Air freight has the advantage of a higher level of security when compared to other options; this is because airport safety controls over packages/cargo are tightly overseen by the airport authority, which reduces the risk of cargo/package exposure, theft and damages.

Goods that are usually shipped by air freight

Air freight shipping is usually used for high value items, as well as time sensitive items such as:
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Documents
  • Clothing
  • Gadget
  • Beverages and many others.

Custom Clearance & Documentation involved in Air shipping

The processes involved in clearing goods shipped via air from customs, for example if an item is shipped via air from Atlanta to Lagos, Nigeria is quite similar to that of ocean shipping; however, the nature of the shipment to be cleared will determine the documents that will be required and the total duty to be paid. Customs clearance process involves preparation and submission of necessary documentations required to facilitate export or imports into the country.
Customs clearance process for air freight can commence before shipment arrives. Once the shipment has arrived at the airport of destination i.e. from Atlanta, Georgia to Lagos, Nigeria, it will have to undergo proper documentation for customs clearance before it can be released. This custom clearing process requires the following documents:
  • Form M
  • Agency Certificate
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) 
  • Consular Invoice
It is always advisable to use a shipping company that helps handle all necessary documentation.

Our step by step guide to Air Shipping from Atlanta, Georgia to Lagos, Nigeria

Now that you know what air shipping entails, like how to calculate your air freight cost per kg, as well as why you need to go with air shipping over other types of shipping, let us put you through on ShiptoNaija’s  step to step guide on Air shipping from Atlanta to Nigeria and custom clearing.
When you’re in need of professional & affordable air shipping from Atlanta to Nigeria that would ensure your items are delivered in a speedy manner, ShiptoNaija is your best bet. We offer professional, fast and affordable air freight shipping services and we offer the cheapest air freight from Atlanta to Nigeria.  When it comes to speedy air cargo to Lagos, Nigeria from Atlanta, Georgia or from any other part of the US, you can always count on us, as we refund you 25% of your shipping cost if we fail to deliver your items within our stipulated time frame. See more about our refund policy.

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Step 1: Visit ShiptoNaija to create an account with us.
Step 2: You need to drop off your items at our warehouse address either in Houston or Atlanta. You can personally drop off your item at our warehouse, use a courier service to help you drop off or simply request for us to help you with the pick-up.
Step 3: After your item has been dropped off either in our Atlanta or Houston office, your item would be updated into your account you created with us not more than 24 hours after drop off and also, your air freight cost for shipping from Atlanta to Nigeria would be visible in your account. The ocean freight cost would also be available if you choose to go with that, and of course, we also have the express delivery options. 
Step 4: You would have to make payments in order for your items to be shipped. If you are dropping off at our Atlanta office, payment cut off deadline is Sat 6pm. For our Houston office, payment cut off is Wed 2pm. Payments after this time would be fixed for the next shipment, I.e the shipment that leaves the next week. Therefore, it is important to pay as early as possible so that it can be processed and your cargo would be shipped out with the shipment for the week. Once you have made your payment, your items would be air shipped from Atlanta, Georgia to Lagos, Nigeria that week, and would get to Lagos within 4 business days.
Air shipping has been proven to be one of the safest and fastest ways to get your cargo from one point to another, especially if you are shipping from one country to another country. For those time-sensitive items, or items that need to be delivered urgently, air frieght is your best bet and with ShiptoNaija, there are no stories. We make sure your item is delivered to you at the time promised and if we miss that time, we refund you 25% of your shipping cost. Your items are completely safe while with us and if anything happens to them and they become damaged or get lost, we refund you 100% of your money back. Want to give us a try? Sign up and start shipping today! 

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