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If you are in Atlanta and you are considering shipping cars to Nigeria for commercial or personal use, there are one too many things to consider. First, you need to know the easy ways to ship cars from Atlanta to Nigeria.
There are two methods used to ship cars by ocean, but the best way for car shipping from USA to Nigeria is the containerized shipping. This remains the safest means to send any car to Nigeria from anywhere in the world, not just USA. And of course, this include your luxury cars. With this method, the receiver is definitely going to receive the car without a scratch or damaged or missing parts. 
The other means of auto shipping from USA to Nigeria is RORO – simply means roll-on and roll-off. This shipping method is only suitable for cars that can be driven on and off the plane. In other words it is not a method to consider if your car has a fault or your car is not to be moved on its own wheels. It is usually a cheaper option for shipping cars, but if you want to make sure that there are no stories involved when your car is delivered, you might want to stick to containerized shipping. 

Shipping Cars From Atlanta, USA to Nigeria: A Lucrative Business

Car shipping from USA to Nigeria remains a highly lucrative business for those in Nigeria and everyday, there are over 1500 container load of cars that ship from various ports in USA, especially Atlanta to Nigeria. Apparently, the American spec of cars is highly valued by the Nigerian user and so the interest on auto shipping goes higher.

How much is Auto Shipping from Atlanta to Nigeria? 

Before shipping a car it is important to know how much it will cost you for auto shipping from Atlanta to Nigeria. Basically, the price differs from one state to another in the United States; note that the price of auto shipping from Atlanta to Nigeria depends largely on the car model. For example, if it is a sedan car, you will spend at most $890 to ship while the price of SUV (small and large) varies.
There are not too many shipping companies in USA that can ship cars; however the few that ship autos from Atlanta, USA to Nigeria have various prices. Though cheap does not necessarily mean a great service, there are a few that can ship at a relatively affordable price.
It is important to note that all autos shipping from Atlanta to Nigeria are subject to any applicable taxes or duty charges. These charges are due at the time of entry, and you will be required to pay the shipping company these duty fees and taxes before shipping your car to enable a smooth delivery of your car. For Nigeria, the car model and year of production plays a major role in determining the clearing cost. Only a trusted clearing agent is used at ShiptoNaija to avoid delays, demurrage, multiple billings and so many other stories you might have experienced using other shippers.
Next, take note of key documents. The car owner or shipper must be able to show at customs when shipping auto or cars from Atlanta to Nigeria at the ports of entry.

Important Documents Needed for Auto Shipping to Nigeria

Just like other goods that are shipped from USA to Nigeria, auto shipping from Atlanta to Nigeria must also have basic documents needed for a successful customs clearing process on arrival at the ports. Typically, clearing should not exceed 5 business days when all documents required are available.
  • Bill of Lading: This is the most important document needed at the port of clearing by the Nigeria Customs. The bill of lading gives a detailed description of the car’s specification and that determines the import duty on the car you are shipping from Atlanta, USA to Nigeria. Typically there is a valuation process performed by the customs to know the rate the importers will pay.
Basically, there are other documents that are needed when shipping cars to Nigeria:
  • Commercial invoice by the car dealers, if you have bought the car from a US dealer. 
  • Packing list by the dealers will be issued to show the right specifications of the cars. 
  • Shipping Insurance can be issued to secure the transportation of the cars against loss, shipwreck, and damages by the shipping lines.

Which Car Shipping Companies are the Best in Atlanta?

Allowing an experienced skilled logistics company with the right team and tools to manage your car shipping from USA to Nigeria is the best decision you can make. To safely and successfully get your car shipped into the Nigeria, going through experienced transporters is the only way. ShiptoNaija has shipped well over 432 cars from Houston to Nigeria in almost 3 years, with an average 4 cars shipping out weekly via container. ShiptoNaija has got well trained staff to guide you through the process of shipping cars to Nigeria.

Reasons You Can Trust ShiptoNaija as One of the Best Shipping Companies in Atlanta

ShiptoNaija is a reliable shipping company that has proven records of success from Houston even before Atlanta:
  • Trustworthy and Reliable: ShiptoNaija car shipping is done weekly via container shipping. There are no hidden charges, no cancellation fees, no delays and no stories.   What you see is what you get. ShiptoNaija is the only car shipping company in Atlanta that gives you full refund in 48 hours if anything happens to your car. 
  • 20% refund on your shipping cost if ShiptoNaija does not deliver within the stipulated time frame, which is within 6 to 8 weeks. 
  • Fast delivery: the best car shipping companies in Atlanta can be measured by the speed and ShiptoNaija, falls in that category. With the ability to ship out up 3 containers weekly, your cars will be in Nigeria in just 8 weeks.
  • Personalized Service: With over 40 well trained staff in Atlanta, Houston and Nigeria, you can always call, email or even live chat for a quick response. You enjoy regular shipment update and 16 hours of live support.


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Cheap Car Shipping

If you’re shipping your vehicle because you are relocating to Nigeria or getting it for your family and friends back in Nigeria, you’ll want to ensure that you factor the cost of auto shipping into your overall moving budget. ShiptoNaija offers cheap car shipping from USA to Nigeria, with the ability to load up to 4 containers in each container every week.

We can provide the cost of shipping and clearing cars in few minutes. Request cheap car shipping quote now!

Fully Insured Car Shipping From USA

Our cheap car shipping comes with full insurance on your car. With ShiptoNaija you get absolute peace of mind for all cars you are shipping to Nigeria. If there are any issues from as little as a scratch up to colossal damage we will take complete responsibility for the repair or replacement. This is made possible through our insurance partner in Nigeria.
All our cars are shipped through our Houston office, as full inspection is first done on your car before it sails to Nigeria. To drop off simple bring to our office in Atlanta. We also offer pick up service for cars within Atlanta.
Shipping a car can be a big deal and one needs to make sure the process is done by a trusted person or company, otherwise you run the risk of losing thousands of dollars, and even the car, if things go badly. With ShiptoNaija, you need not worry about your car getting lost in transit, or getting damaged. We have a refund policy that ensures you get your money back if your car gets stolen or damaged through a fault of ours, and you get 25% of your shipping cost if we do not deliver at the stipulated time. 


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