Air Shipping

At ShipToNaija we know that every customer and business has specific needs when it comes to shipping and so we have developed a service that has options you need, whether you are individual shipping or a business owner.From small packages such as letters/documents to pallets and very large shipment such as trucks and heavy equipment, our expertise is geared to meet demand, guiding you with constant notification, we're are with you every step of the way with our responsive customer service.
Air Freight
Shiptonaija is one of the companies that ship to Nigeria that offers you professional Air Freight shipping from USA to Nigeria. With us it does not matter if you are shipping a small parcel or a full container load. Your cargo is delivered safely and in a timely fashion. Our transit time via Air Freight is usually 3-5 business days.
Ocean Freight
When you choose ShipToNaija, you get unequal expertise for your heavy equipment, auto (car, truck, auto part and power bike). We offer Less than Container Load, Full Container Load and Roll on – Roll off for cars that can move on their own wheels. Your shipment will definitely arrive on time and within budget – saving you 60% on shipping.

FCL(Full Container Load)

document needed for clearing

We offer Ocean Freight to Nigeria requiring FCL (Full container loads). We offer great Nigeria shipping rates and discounts for 20 ft. and 40 ft. containers from US ports to Nigeria. 

  • If you have 10 pallets or more, FCL freight is likely to be a better solution.
  • Goods like boat, pipes and heavy machinery that are too big for a container will require our break bulk service with our expert team.
  • As with most options you have: Door to door; Door to port; Port to port; Port to doo

LCL(Less than Container Load)

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Not everyone wants to ship a whole container load, so we have LCL – Less than Container Load to assist you with smaller amounts of freight.Ship almost anything big or small, from cartons to boxes, pallets and cases.

  • Our LCL – Less than Container Load shiping option saves you up to 60% on shipping cost when compared to other major shippers.
  • We have solutions for whatever you are looking to ship to Nigeria and you get same care and protection as a full container load.

RORO (Roll-on/Roll-off)

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When it comes to auto shipping, there are several reasons that you may wish to consider RORO instead of shipping your car, truck, or other vehicle in a container.

  • RORO is the simplest and cheapest method of shipping for cars, power bikes, and other heavy duty vehicles.
  • ShipToNaija offers professional handling of cargoes that can be wheeled on and off containers.

Transit Time

  • Express Delivery: Takes 3 – 4 days for Air Shipping.
  • Standard Delivery: Takes 6 – 11 business days for Air Shipping.
  • Weekly Ocean shipping takes 4 weeks from USA to Nigeria (This starts to count from the day the container sails).


  • We clear in 6 business days at the ports
  • You are only charged once for clearing – no extra charges or stories.
  • Depending on the item you are shipping, we will request for documents that will aid us in clearing efficiently and effectively as promised within budget and on time.


100% Guaranteed Delivery or Money-Back

Our key promise to you is simple. Anything happens to your items, we compensate you 100% for:

So relax drop of your shipment and we do the rest, with our focus on speed, technology and integrity to redefine shipping standards to Nigeria.


pick up, home delivery

  • ShipToNaija delivers to all states in Nigeria.

Why You Need ShipToNaija:

  • No Stories! You enjoy affordable service and secured delivery or you get your money back if anything happens to your shipment.
  • Responsive customer service via email, phone call and live chat.
  • 60% savings on all shipping (Air and Ocean).
  • Unbeatable rates as low as $3.49/pound.





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