Shipping a car from the United States of America should be easy but many times the experiences and stories we get from some first time customers at ShipToNaija tells us there are more troubles people go through, and of course costly experiences that makes one lose thousands of dollars and in the end peace of mind, nothing can be more boggling than sending a car to Nigeria and having one or all these problems.

Problems Shipping Cars to Nigeria

  • Outrageous shipping cost, we know quite alright cheap does not mean good but neither does expensive.
  • Delays – this happens to be the most prevalent of all, when typically it should only take you 6 weeks to 8 weeks to ship via ocean from USA to Nigeria.
  • Damages of all kinds, this is like a disaster just waiting to happen to one of your expensive cars.
  • Multiple Billing during clearing is the order of the day because of wrong classification of items.
  • Issues with tracking the location of your package due to little or no information from customer service.
  •  No insurance policy on cars shipped.

How You Can Ship Cars to Nigeria without Stress

Now if you are a resident in USA who wants to ship cars and of course other items in your car to Nigeria, this is possible with ShipToNaija, not only is it stress free as we can have the car picked up from your desired location if you are busy. And in order to save cost, let us know where you are and we can direct you to the closest port where we ship out your car. It is also very affordable as you get to ship a car for as low as $1,090.
We have successfully shipped all kinds of cars from US to Nigeria and we have also made it possible that you know your shipping/clearing cost beforehand once you are able to provide us with the year, make and model of the car you wish to ship to Nigeria.
When it comes to transit time which is from 4 weeks from USA to Nigeria, our word is our bond as we deliver as promised, getting your car to where its needed- on time and in the exact condition as handed to us is our priority.
Our highly trained personnel have all cars offloaded with the right tools once they arrive the warehouse in Nigeria thus preventing any kind of damage on the car, however, should the unimaginable happen, be rest assured that your vehicles are 100% insured, we personally supervise each of your shipment for your maximum satisfaction, hence, while your vehicle is in our custody, we take total responsibility for its care.
Interestingly, we are a licensed clearing agent and we handle all our clearing here in Nigeria. Once your car has been paid to be shipped out, our staff in charge of cars in the US warehouse sends down the bill of laden and other car documents to our clearing officer here in Nigeria who presents the right documentation to customs to enable them communicate the right value to be paid while the cars undergo clearing at the seaport. In this case, multiple billing and demurrage never surfaces and the promised delivery time is met as clearing of the car is carried out within a short period of 2 to 3 business days.
Our top notch customer service is second to none because we have a culture we imbibe by which is excellence in every detail, we make sure we carry you along in every step with the location of your car always made available to you either through tracking on our system or communication by any of our customer service representative. For questions and enquiries, you can always put a call through, send a mail or chat with us live as answers are provided to you immediately. With us information on car shipping or anything else is never a problem.

Ways to Ship Cars from USA to Nigeria

We make it easy notwithstanding your vehicle’s size, location and final destination by providing multiple services to meet your vehicle shipping needs to Nigeria.
  • RoRo shipping
  • Exclusive container shipping
  • Shared container shipping.
  • Auto Air Freight.
While RoRo may be cheaper in terms of shipping, however, container shipping is advisable because these cars are usually housed in a container which reduces risk of damage to the minimal; we are able to monitor these cars while in transit, it is also the safest means of transportation globally. While container shipping can get you access to any desired location, RoRo transportation is still not as enclosed as container shipping. In terms of cost efficacy, Shared container shipping has its advantages as this method allows you load multiple vehicles into a container at the warehouse and also avails you the opportunity to ship additional items inside your vehicle. As the name implies, Exclusive container shipping allows you ship just one vehicle at a time and this is a good choice for vehicle owners who will want to ship their personal belongings alongside the car, it also works very well for non-operational cars.
Our Auto Airfreight to Nigeria has been specially map out for those who cannot wait for the standard delivery speed which is usually 4 days as such this option is made available for urgent shipping to Nigeria.

Clearing Cars You Ship From USA to Nigeria 

Shipping can be stressful enough when not dealing with the right company, why add clearing of cars to this when we can take the stress of you. Whether you ship a motorcycle, a car, a truck, a yatch, a heavy construction equipment or an agricultural machinery, at shiptonaija, we handle all the paper work and with the right documentation and bill of laden handed to customs, our clearing officer can have your car cleared from the sea port in just 3 days yes 3 days, no hassles, no stress, no multiple billing and demurrage. We guarantee a fast, efficient and cost effective clearing service.




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